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Equity Release Frequently Asked Questions

What is Equity?
What is Equity Release?
EquityRelease Comparison What is Loan To Value?
How Old do I Have to be to Qualify For Equity Release?
Do I Still Have Monthly Repayments?
Does My Health Affect My Equity Release?
I'm in Debt, Can I Still Qualify For Equity Release?
What Type of Equity Release Products are There?
Why Would I Want to Release The Equity in my Property?
What Should I Consider Before I Take Equity Release?
Is My Information Kept Confidential?
What Are Your Contact Details?
Am I Eligible For Equity Release?

What is Equity?

Equity is your current mortgage balance taken away from the current value of your home. If your mortgage is paid off and your home is worth, say, £200,000, then your equity is £200,000. Equity Release should not be confused with a remortgage.

What is Equity Release?

Equity Release is designed to allow homeowners to release cash from their property. You can raise capital either for income or lump sum purchases.

Lets say Mrs Smith is 65 and owns a home worth £200,000. If she took an equity release lifetime mortgage plan, she could release a maximum of £62,000 in cash. That's 31 percent loan to value of £200,00. (£200,000 x 31% = £62,000)

What Is Loan To Value?

Loan to value (LTV) is the amount of the equity as a percentage of the value of the property. Lenders take LTV percentages into consideration when considering your application for equity release.

How Old Do I Have to be to Qualify For Equity Release?

Equity release is available to anyone age 55 or over. The older you are when you take out equity release, the shorter the time you are expected to live. This means you can normally expect to release a larger sum.

Do I Still Have Monthly Repayments?

If you take out a lifetime mortgage you'll have no monthly repayments. The interest rolls up, and is repaid either on death or sale of the property.

Does My Health Affect My Equity Release?

Some providers may offer a higher amount of equity release, called "Enhanced Equity Release", if you're in not such good health. This is because your life expectancy may be reduced.

I'm In Debt, Can I Still Qualify For Equity Release?

Equity Release can relieve debt and substantially increase retirement income. The highly respected debt charity, Consumer Credit Counselling Service, suggests equity release to over 55s in debt as a way to pay back borrowed money.
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What Type of Equity Release Products are There?

Equity Release has gone mainstream and now there are a bewildering choice of products available.

 • Home Income Plan
 • Discounted Rate
 • Drawdown Plan
 • Enhanced Lifetime Mortgage
 • Enhanced Plus Lifetime Mortgage
 • Enhanced Protected Lifetime Mortgage
 • Equity Release Lifetime Mortgage
 • Equity Release Mortgage
 • Fixed Lifetime Intermediary Only
 • Fixed Year
 • Flexi Lifetime Fixed
 • Sale and Rent Back
 • Flexible Drawdown Lifetime Mortgage
 • Flexible Lifetime Mortgage
 • Flexible Release Plan
 • Flexible Reversion Plan
 • Home Reversion Plan
 • Interest Only Mortgage
 • Interest Select
 • Landlord Scheme
 • Lifestyle Flexible Option
 • Lifestyle Flexible Option Direct
 • Lifestyle Flexible Option Intermediary
 • Lifestyle Lump Sum
 • Lifestyle Lump Sum Direct
 • Lifestyle Lump Sum Intermediary
 • Lifestyle Lump Sum Max
 • Lifestyle Lump Sum Max Direct
 • Lifestyle Lump Sum Max Intermediary
 • Lifetime Fix
 • Lifetime Fix Higher Release Gold
 • Lifetime Fix Holiday Home
 • Lifetime Fix Landlord Loan
 • Lifetime Fix Second Home
 • Lifetime Fixed Lump Sum
 • Lifetime Mortgage
 • Lifetime Mortgage Discount
 • Lifetime Mortgage Interest Rolled Up
 • Lump Sum
 • Lump Sum Lite
 • Maximum Reversion Plan
 • Maximum Reversion Plan
 • New Life Gold
 • Offset Tracker
 • Protected Plan
 • Retirement Home Plan
 • Roll-Up Lifetime Mortgage
 • Secured Escalating Reversion Plan
 • Shared Appreciation Mortgage
 • Shared Growth Option

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Why would I want to release the equity in my property?

To provide a lump sum – Many people choose this option to give themselves extra spending power for things such as holidays, home improvements, new car, caravan, gifts to children, medical or care fees or simply to put more money in the bank.

To provide extra income – For many people the incentive is enhancing their lifestyle by using some of their equity to provide additional income. This can either be done by using one of the specialist schemes that provides an income for life, or alternatively by investing a lump sum to provide income.
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What should I consider before I take Equity Release?

There are a number of things you should consider to determine whether equity release is suitable for you and to ensure you make the right choice.

1. Speak to an expert in the equity release market – Equity release is an extremely specialist area of financial services so it is paramount that advice is sought from a specialist, not just a general mortgage or financial adviser.

2. Only borrow from members of SHIP wherever possible – Safe Home Income Plans (SHIP) provide a great deal of protection and peace of mind such as the ability to move home without penalty and a guarantee of no negative equity. As such you are able to sleep comfortably with the protection this affords you.

3. Consider the appropriate scheme for you – The equity release options available to you essentially fall into one of three categories:

a) Home Reversion Plans (sometimes known as Home Reversionary Schemes) – This is where you exchange ownership of a percentage of your property in return for either regular income or a lump sum. You are able to live in the property for life.

b) Equity Release (Income Option) – This is where you can raise a specific amount from your property, but rather than receiving one lump sum, instead this is converted into an annuity to provide you with an income. This does have the benefit of being guaranteed, but the lump sum used to buy your annuity will die with you and therefore cannot be passed down to your children.

c) Equity Release (Lump Sum Option) – This is where you raise a lump sum and you're entitled to do whatever you like with this. You may wish to spend some on the holiday of a lifetime, make gifts to help your children, or invest it to provide you with an income, or perhaps a combination of all three.

4. How is interest charged? – The vast majority of schemes allow interest to be rolled up until after death. This is beneficial because it means you aren't forced into making interest payments during your lifetime and therefore can benefit from any interest produced on your investments to enhance your lifestyle. You can choose between fixed rates, variable rates and capped rates, and again, it's crucial to take advice to make sure you pick the right option for you. 5. What should I do now? – If you would like to know more about equity release and determine the best option for you please either complete the Free Equity Release Enquiry form below and one of our advisers will call you to discuss your particular requirements.
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Is The Information I Give You Confidential?

Your privacy is important to us, we have a strict confidentiality policy and do not share your contact details with others not involved in the equity release process.

What Are Your Contact Details?

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